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A beautiful smile for a successful modern person is like a business card that
is easy to memorize. After all, personal charm and attractiveness are strongly
related to the kind of impression we make on others

Thanks to advances in dentistry, nowadays everyone can have an irresistible smile. Its our pleasure to take part in the creation/completion of someones beautiful smile, because beautiful smile intrigues you, modest - touches, kind makes you happy, happy - charms, sincere inspires. A smile leaves no one indifferent. Smile!

Dental implantation with the use of the ITERUM - DENTAL IMPLANTS implants system will help you to achieve this simple goal.

According to statistics the demand for implantation increases with each passing day because it is convenient, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Implants are more reliable and durable than removable dentures and bridges. Implantation gives self-confidence and creates a psychological comfort.

Dental implantation - from the Latin im in, into and plantatio - plantation. Thats how we call a stomatological method of lost teeth restoration. At the beginning, the implants are being implanted into the jaw bone. The construction of the dental implant consists of two major parts: the implant itself and the abutment which is also made of titanium. In short, the implant is an artificial titanium root which is screwed into the bone in place of the missing tooth, and the crown is fixed onto this root subsequently.

Briefly about us.

"ITERUM - DENTAL IMPLANTS - a young, dynamically developing team of professionals which applies high technologies in the dental implants production.

Using high quality raw materials Iterum - Dental Implants produces dental implants and accompanying materials according to the quality control standards, pursuant to international organizations norms and practices.

In ITERUM - DENTAL IMPLANTS only highly qualified personnel are employed, which enables us to offer our Partners only the best in modern dental implantology. The Companys staff regularly upgrades its skills that guarantees the achievement of the highest level results in their work.

ITERUM - DENTAL IMPLANTS manufactures the implants of titanium alloy, since this is able to fully integrate into the bone and has properties such as strength and durability.

Implants surface. Implant surface is treated by wet sand blasting using aluminum oxide and acid. As a result of this treatment you get a porous surface, by which the level of implants osteointegration is determined.


Sterilization of the Iterum implants is being realized by means of radiation. The high level of sterility is ensured by a double sterile packaging.


A serial consignment number is assigned to each product. This allows us to trace the history of the manufacturing process at every stage. The dentist receives two identical labels, one of which is designed for attachment to the patient card, and the second - for the record on the patient.

A support for our Clients and our Partners

The Iterum - Dental Implants company, rapidly developing and acquiring every day more and more customers, has all the necessary resources to meet the needs of each and every. In addition, the more customers we have - the more valuable to us every one of them becomes.

Modern technologies and communications capabilities, our production capacity allow us to provide our partners with operational support anywhere in the world, and at any time.


The Iterum - Dental Implants company warrants high quality of its products for over 15 years subject to the operating instructions and protocols of the company.

We want a quality dental implantation to be available to the largest possible number of people regardless of their income and region of residence.

Dear Dentists! Lets make people happy together! )