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Titanium Abutments (Straight)


Straight Titanium Abutment with a hexahedron.

The abutment includes a screw. There is a screw thread inside the abutment.

The Straight Abutment is available in three types: Standard, Narrow and Wide.

The Wide one is being used primarily in the masticatory teeth area.

The Narrow one is applied in cases when space is limited, usually in the frontal zone.

The table below shows the sizes of each type of the Straight Abutments.

Standard Abutments.

Catalog Number
D (mm) d L (mm)
SA 3,75 4,5 7, 9, 12

Catalog Codes: SA 7, SA 9, SA 12

Прямые титановые абатменты
SA 9

Narrow Abutments.

Catalog Number
D (mm) d L (mm)
NA 3,75 3,75 7,9

Catalog Codes: NA - 7, NA - 9

Прямые титановые абатменты, купить
NA 9

Wide Abutments.

Catalog Number
D (mm) d L (mm)
WA 3,75 5,5 9, 12

Catalog Codes: WA - 9, WA - 12

Прямые титановые абатменты, продажа
WA 9